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Volunteering in Madrid

The JHU Program in Madrid is excited to offer students the opportunity to volunteer and do social service in Madrid with different organizations such as T-Oigo and the Red Cross (not for credit).

T-Oigo (I Hear You) is a non-profit organization founded by Dale Sindel, an American who lives in Madrid, designed to assist children with hearing problems to learn English. Former JHU students in Madrid have participated in this enlightening project. Here is the link to the blog where you can read wonderful stories of family and students:


The Red Cross in Madrid offers 3 interesting projects for JHU students to volunteer:

  1. School success. JHU students have the opportunity to teach English, tutor students in English, or simply help them with their homework. (I’m a volunteer in this project in which I help students with their homework who live in difficult social environments).
  2. Active-aging.This project organizes different activities/workshops on socio-cultural topics for the elderly to enrich their leisure time, and help them with social integration while they keep their physical and psychological abilities in good shape.
  3. Day Center for children. In this project volunteers pick up kids at school and take them to the Red Cross Center where they will serve the kids an afternoon snack, inspire reading, tutor them with their homework, play sports, and teach them about peace, health or environment. They will also have the opportunity to do fieldtrips during weekends.


If you would like further information on volunteering opportunities, contact the Student Services Coordinator at