M.S. in Engineering Management Immersion Program in Madrid (Spain)

Designed for the Master’s of Science in Engineering Management Program, this two week consultation project encourages students to go beyond borders and challenge themselves with an intercultural perspective in preparation for a ever globalizing society.


The JHU Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) bridges the gap between technology and business by equipping students with the technical expertise and leadership skills they need to advance their career in the fast-paced world of technology. Part of the curriculum is The Practice of Consulting, a course offered during intersession of the first year. Students choose an immersion project – some are abroad, others in Baltimore – and in a team of 3 – 4 people, they will work intensively with their clients, listening to their problems and researching potential solutions.


The Practice of Consulting teams of students from JHU and UC3M work closely with startups from UC3M Science Park, an incubator of small companies. Their work is carefully supervised by professors Pamela Sheff, Annette Leps and a teaching assistant. Students who travel to Madrid work on consulting projects related to marketing strategies while they are exposed to a different professional culture and society.


Starting November, the teams start working with the companies will be formed by JHU and UC3M students. The MSEM see its students as leaders of the next generation and working with UC3M students will give them the best opportunity to really understand and get to know the leaders of Spain’s next generation.  The mutual benefit is very valuable to all of them.  This unique collaboration between MSEM students and UC3M graduate students combines the development of consulting projects in international teams while building cultural appreciation.


Students are placed in apartments in downtown Madrid. 

Cultural Activities

The program includes a selection of activities and trips designed to explore Spanish culture and traditions. At the same time, they open a window to study development and innovation in Spain through history, art technics, urban planning, architecture design and fusion cuisine. 

You can learn more about the planned activities and trips by visiting the Cultural Activities section of our website. 

Dates to keep in mind:

The program is offered during intersession semesters (2 weeks). Though collaboration between JHU and UC3M begins before student arrival. 


  • November: Students are paired with Spanish start-ups
  • December: Teams work together to 
  • January (2 week):
    • Arrive at Madrid
    • In person presentations
    • Cultural weekend trip


REQUIREMENTS: Be a current MSEM student.