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Photo Credit: Kali Gilbreath, Fall 2022

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JHU Madrid (2023)

JHU Madrid's Mission & Vission

The Johns Hopkins University Programs in Madrid offer both undergraduate and graduate students a variety of academic opportunities that combines educational rigor with a transformative immersion experience in Spanish culture. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICAI) are our partner institutions and in collaboration with them we have designed a diverse array of programs in different disciplines that meets the academic needs of our students during fall and spring semester, intersession and summer.


The mission of JHU Madrid is to offer students an opportunity to advance their studies in a Spanish university through a cross-cultural immersion experience. These programs have been designed to introduce students to the richness and complexity of Spain through the combination of academic courses and cultural experiences. JHU Madrid seeks to familiarize students with a variety of elements that characterize both traditional and contemporary Spain; such as the nuances of the Spanish language, artistic expressions, political and economic environment of Spain and Europe, or innovation and entrepreneurship sectors. These learning experiences will also help students to understand cultural differences while they develop fundamental principles, values, and skills necessary to work and succeed in a global and diverse society.