Student Voices

"Coming back to Hopkins in the fall, I found myself speechless whenever anyone asked how my summer abroad was. It seemed like there was no way I could convey how fulfilling and impactful those two months were. Not only was I conducting research in a field I was interested in, I had the privilege of living in the breathtaking city of Madrid and traveling with three other students who I now get to call some of my best friends. Since I didn’t know Spanish going into the program, I made it one of my goals to learn enough to take my host mom out to lunch and have a true conversation with her by the end of the summer. And that lunch, with my choppy Spanglish and animated hand gestures, will always be one of my most treasured memories from my summer. This program isn’t just about doing research in another country, it is also about truly immersing yourself in another culture and lifestyle, and building relationships with people you’ll always remember. "
Jennifer Lin
Summer 2018