Comillas: Engineering Program

Program Overview

The Study Abroad Program for International Engineering Students (SAPIENS) offers JHU engineering students a unique opportunity of living and studying a semester or academic year in the vibrant city of Madrid. Students can take engineering courses in English and conduct research in a lab. In addition, students take a required Spanish language course that will facilitate their integration in Spanish culture and society, and a JHU course titled Reflections on Contemporary Spain.



SAPIENS was designed by Universidad Pontificia Comillas School of Engineering (ICAI) for U.S. students in collaboration with prestigious U.S. universities.. This academic program is a perfect study abroad opportunity for sophomore students because it meets a variety of general education requirements for STEM majors.




  • STEM majors
  • No Spanish language background required.
  • 3.0 term GPA

Academic Offering

As part of the SAPIENS program, students can take courses from Linear Algebra to Engineering Fluid Mechanics. Check SAPIENS website for course offering here as it varies per semester. In addition, students have the option to direct enroll in university classes outside SAPIENS with local students. All classes must be pre-approved by the student´s advisor at Homewood before applying. For specific direct enrollment courses, visit Comilla’s School of Engineering (ICAI) websiteMake sure that the courses you need are offered during your respective study abroad semester.

SAPIENS tentative course list:

Offered in both Fall and Spring semesters

Limited research opportunities are offered during the semester and may vary depending on the university’s research groups’ needs. Students need to consult with the program director, Dr. Manuel Colás, before submitting their study abroad application and include a cover letter along with an updated resumé for placement. 


Students will take 18 JHU academic credits:


The semester begins with an Intensive Spanish Language and Culture course at Universidad de Salamanca in the fall, and Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in the spring. During this intensive language and culture program students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language, culture, and traditions. This intensive program is a fundamental piece of the course Reflections on Contemporary Spain (SPA 215.334). For more information, please click here.

Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Course

For more information about the Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Program and the JHU course “Reflections on Contemporary Spain” (HA.215.334) please click here.

Housing: Full Room & Board

Students have the opportunity to live with a Spanish family during their stay in Madrid. Engaging with the family is a fundamental part of the experience and allows students to immerse themselves into the culture. All homes are located in the center of Madrid, close to public transport to reach the Comillas campus. 


All meals are included. From Monday to Sunday, families will pack a sack lunch for students to take to campus during the week. 


For more information, visit our Homestay Experience section. 

Important Dates

The program is open to STEM majors in for both fall and spring semesters. Students may also choose to apply for the entire academic year starting fall 2024.

Dates are subject to change. MCAT examinations should be taken before date of arrival to Spain. Check their website for more information regarding examination dates.

Fall 2024

  • March 1: Deadline to apply
  • August 11: Arrive at Madrid
  • August 12-24: Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Course in Salamanca
  • TBD: First day of classes
  • TBD: Last day of classes for SAPIENS courses
  • TBD: Last day of classes for SAPIENS courses
  • TBD: Exam week for SAPIENS courses
  • TBD: Exam week for direct enrollment courses
  • December 22: Return to the U.S

Spring 2024

  • October 1: Deadline to apply
  • January 7: Arrive at Madrid
  • January 8-14: Intensive Spanish Language & Culture Course in Cuenca
  • January 15: First day of classes 
  • TBD: Last day of classes for SAPIENS courses
  • TBD: Last day of classes for direct enrollment courses
  • TBD: Exam week for SAPIENS courses
  • TBD: Exam week for direct enrollment courses
  • June 1: Return to the U.S.

Student Testimonials

Hear what past JHU Madrid have said about the program! Check out the testimonial section of our website.


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