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Homestay Experience


Homestay Experience


Students will be placed in a carefully selected host-family before the beginning of the semester based on their personal preferences. Notification of placement will be made via e-mail and students will have to contact their families to introduce themselves. 

Upon arrival to Madrid, you will  be met by a member of your host family and begin to get acquainted with the household and your new neighborhood. Host families live in apartments in or near the city center.  Your Spanish home will probably be very different from your family home in the U.S.   Each household is different, it is important to have clear communication with your host family from the beginning.

Remember that you are a guest in a family home.  Keep in mind the following:


  • Spanish homes tend to be smaller and are located in older buildings.  Rely on your family to explain what is expected of you in their household and what you should expect them.
  • Meals are significant family gatherings.  If you plan to be away at mealtime, inform your family  in advance.  If you are running late, call home.
  • The kitchen is the domain of your host-family.  Do not use it without their permission.  And leave it neat and clean if permission is granted.
  • Never bring guests home unannounced.  Ask permission from your family first. 
  • Due to the increase energy costs, remember to turn off the lights, television or other electronic devices before you leave your room.  Don’t leave laptop, phone, or camera chargers plugged in all day. 
  • Be respectful of water usage and try to have a conservative shower once a day. You probably will share a bathroom with other family members and will need to tidy up before you leave.
  • Your room will be cleaned once a week. Make sure your room is as neat as possible and have your possessions organized.
  • Above all, be respectful of other members in the household. 

If you have any housing questions or concerns during your stay in Madrid, contact the Student Services Coordinator at

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